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Business Description:

Renegade Ammunition & Reloading Supply was founded in 2008 by David Pickelhaupt; A service connected disabled veteran who served in the United States Army. With a mission to provide a higher quality product, with a competitive price to all gun activist whom demanded it.



Renegade Ammunition & Reloading Supply offers higher quality products including

  • New brass with custom bunters options                                Full processed once fired brass
    Gun cleaning                                                                                      Premium ammunition

    Holsters                                                                                               Reloading Supplies

    Scopes                                                                                                  Gun Accessories

    And 1000s More

  • Services


    Order Fulfillment starting at $0.00                                        Distribution services                      

    Processing services                                                                               3PL                  
    E-Commence                                                                              Brass exchange service
    Brass Exchange                                                                          Range clean out

    Call us any time during hours

    Monday- Saturday 9Am-4Pm

    Dealers welcome


    Business web Site: www.RenegadeAmmo.com

    Business Email: Sales@RenegadeAmmo.com

    Business Phone Number: 810-887-7494



    Renegade Ammunition

    22545 Pleasant Valley Rd

    Hillman  Michigan 49746