Modern Spartan Systems Products

A Quick Intro to Modern Spartan Systems

There is no small way to say what Modern Spartan Systems brings to the table.  We are a specialized high tech chemical company with the goal of CHANGING THE SHOOTING, TRANSPORTATION & MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES. 


In a safe/GREEN way we are able to SOLVE certain UNIVERSAL PROBLEMS.  Our formulas detoxify (deep clean metal) unlike anything else, dramatically reduce metal to metal friction (up to 90%), extend asset life (virtually flat-line metal wear), protect (and even remove) corrosion, and minimize contaminant re-adhesion (create a low stick surface barrier). 


Our chemistry affects the physics and performance of physical objects in very positive ways.  In essence, we OPTIMIZE the functionality, accuracy and reliability of firearms, motorized vehicles, cutting tools…!  Our products are proven and just now starting to get attention from the right people!





Our "Clean/Lube SYSTEM" takes you from “maintenance” to firearm “OPTIMIZATION” – the payoff is improved ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, FEEL, PERFORMANCE and more FREE TIME!


  • Improved accuracy (90-95% of the time)
  • Phenomenal reliability (in ALL TEMPS & ENVIRONMENTS)
  • Super smooth action – great functionality
  • Operating temperatures may decrease by 10-40%
  • Extended barrel life (up to 5-15X)
  • Extend time between cleaning (2-5X more shots)
  • Dramatically faster cleaning (cuts cleaning time by 50-75%)