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If your an OEM Ammunition loader and need our services please complete the contact information below.

Brass Processing Services


Our extensive experience and efficient process will recondition your expended brass back to “like-new”.  Forget the messy,  time consuming steps involved with processing your brass, and spend more time doing what you love!  Let us bring your brass back to a ready to load status.  Our processing involves removing the primer, full-length sizing, swaging if required, and trimming.  Turn around times vary based on the season.  See ordering forms & details below.

ASK US HOW BY CALLING 810-887-7494 or email us at
100% FREE PROCESSING just cover shipping!

Step 1.  Sort

  • Remove all LIVE AMMO,  STEEL, ALUMINUM, CRUSHED, BERDAN and LIVE PRIMED CASES.  You will be charged a sorting fee based on the amount of sorting required if this step is skipped.  
  • If sending multiple calibers, separate by caliber in bags.
  • Include your name and return shipping address inside the box on our printable forum.
  • We recommend placing brass inside of a plastic bag & taping the box well.

Step 2.   Shipping/Return Shipping

USPS is the most economical method to ship us your brass, unless your an OEM loader.  We advise you to insure your shipment, incase of damages and/or lost.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Return shipping not included and is due upon completion of work order within 15 days.

Step 3. Payment

Payment is due upon completion of work order not to exceed 15 days’ afterword. To expedite this process please contact us prior to shipping.

Please Send us an email to Sales@RenegadeAmmo.com with any question.


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