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RENEGADE CASE LUBE R.C.L. commercial grade

R.C.L Renegade Case Lube "the last case lube you will ever buy"  Our 8oz bottle will out last the others in ease, quality, quantity and cleanup. 

Our R.C.L. 8oz bottle will do up to 8000 5.56 cases. 

Precision shooters appreciate R.C.L., non-sticky, quick and easy application when loading large volumes of rounds at a time.

Take our challenge and see how well our product is to others, lube some cases and let then sit in a bin or bowl till the next day. "We cant tell you that it will not need more R.C.L. applied but we doubt it will" 

  • Does not contaminate powders or primers
  • Never get a case stuck again
  • NO WAX
  • Easy Cleanup  (walnut, cob, SS, Sonic, or a rag) 10 minuets or less (tumbled)
  • Polish additive

Application: Start with a simple rubber bin with 300 or less of any caliber (.30 cal and under) give 3-5 sprays evenly over the brass and then shake for 10-15 seconds is all that is needed to coat your brass. depending on the size of your bin you may need to lightly coat ( new bins) or first application (Season your bin).

lube pads: use as directed

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